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  Algebra I (Pre-AP Algebra I, Algebra I, Algebra I Part 1,  & Algebra I Part 2)  

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Specific Curriculum and Resources  
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The content of these standards supports five process goals for students: becoming mathematical problem solvers, communicating mathematically, reasoning mathematically, making mathematical connections, and using mathematical representations to model and interpret practical situations. These goals provide a context within which to develop the knowledge and skills identified in the standards.

Algebra provides a systematic way to represent mathematical relationships and analyze change. Students need to understand the concepts and symbols of algebra, the structures that govern the manipulation of the symbols, and how the symbols can be used to record ideas and events. Students will explore patterns that are linear and quadratic in the first year of algebra and should develop the notion of families of functions. A solid conceptual foundation in algebra should be developed before students engage extensively in symbolic manipulation.
Students will use algebra as a tool for representing and solving a variety of practical problems. The
use of manipulatives and graphing calculators will help students develop and attach meaning to abstract ideas. Tables and graphs will be used to interpret algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities and to analyze functions.





Algebra I Documents

PWCS Algebra I Curriculum Guide 2014(PDF)- This document contains the pacing guide and curriculum guide to be used beginning with school year 2014-2015 for Algebra 1, Pre-AP Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Part 1, and Algebra 1 Part 2.  Updated August 2014.

Algebra I Assessment Map (
Word) - This document is an abbreviated form of the curriculum guide. It only contains the objectives and essential knowledge and skills. It is in a table format with an extra column. It may be used to create blueprints for unit assessments, making notes for units and lesson plans etc. Updated September 2012.

Enhanced Scope and Sequence (ESS)Sample Lessons
Mathematics ESS Sample Lesson Plans help teachers align instruction with the 2009 Mathematics SOL by providing examples of how the knowledge and skills found in the SOL and Curriculum Framework can be presented to students in the classroom. The lesson plans are accessible using a keyword search, or by selecting specific SOL objectives organized by grade level and reporting category.

Parent Brochure for Pre-AP Algebra I (Word).

Using Statewide SOL Test Results to Guide Instruction: Statewide results on the spring 2012 SOL mathematics tests were analyzed to determine specific content that may have challenged students. The presentations provide examples of SOL content identified by this analysis. Sample items are provided to further clarify the skills and knowledge included. However, these items are not SOL test items and are not meant to mimic questions used on the SOL tests. Instead, they are intended to provide mathematics educators with further insight into the concepts that challenged students statewide. 


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 SOL Assessment Information
SOL Practice Items and TestNav Tools Practice 
SOL practice items provide students an opportunity to become familiar with new types of items that reflect the increased rigor and new content found in the 2009 Mathematics SOL. These practice items contain technology-enhanced items (TEI) that require students to demonstrate their learning in ways other than a multiple choice format.

Prince William County teachers are expected to use the practice item guide with students, as it will help ensure that sudents are familiar with the types of items that they may encounter while taking the mathematics test. The directions in the guide will also lead students through practice with the online tools, and will familiarize them with how to navigate through the tests, and how to use the Section Review screen within TestNav™.

Please note that the practice items are not intended to be a complete test and are not intended to cover all content for the grade level or course.  Furthermore, while the practice items provide examples of some TEI, they are not intended to represent all types of functionality associated with these item types.

To further assist in familiarizing students with the tools available within TestNav, the online testing software used in Virginia,
Mathematics Online Tools Practice has also been made available. The TestNav Tools Practice sets will provide students opportunities to practice using the online tools such as the ruler, straightedge, protractor, and compass. Not all tools included in this application are used for all grades 3-8. To reference the tools available for a particular grade level math test, see Online Tools Available on the Mathematics SOL Tests (PDF)
View a narrated demonstration with examples of various technology-enhanced item types that may appear on the Mathematics SOL tests. These new SOL tests may consist of approximately 10 to 15% technology-enhanced items. These items are not multiple choice.

SOL Formula Sheet (pdf)

SOL End of Course Test Blue Print (

Technical Assistance Document for 2009 Algebra I Standard of Learning A.9 (pdf)
This document is also imbedded in the PWCS Algebra I Curriculum Document





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